Mizuno RB Tour & RB Tour X (2023) Early Testing

White label boxes spotted in the wild

With the launch of Mizuno’s new RB Tour and RB Tour X 2023 golf balls imminent – the white box test samples have been gathering attention in the US.

“Mizuno Golf is renowned for exceptional irons.  In recent years Mizuno has also earned high praise for driver and wood performance.  And now with their latest model RB Tour balls, Mizuno is legitimately turning heads in the golf ball area.” – PGAPappas 

“Mizuno has found a winner with this ball; it cuts through the wind with a really solid ball flight and flat out spins (on the greens).” 

 “It’s got a really distinct look – something to do with the size of the dimple.”

Feedback has been at the core of Mizuno’s 3-year research and development into the new RB Tour and RB Tour X. Comments from tour players and elite golfers have had a vital impact in the creation of Mizuno’s latest ball, something which is evident in its early performance.

The biggest surprise of the day came from the durability of the ball [.] I played one ball all day on my first round and the ball didn’t look, feel or play any different.” 

Durability has been one of the stand-out factors in the performance of the new RB Tour and RB Tour X, with recent reviews highlighting this hard-wearing exterior. 

“Here is a ball that’s done 66 holes. As you can see, not in bad nick considering its hit trees and been in bunkers.”

With a unique dimple design and significant improvements to overall durability, the latest RB Tour and RB Tour X promises to deliver Mizuno’s trademark promise, #NothingfeelslikeaMizuno.