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Ultra-stable with low spin efficiency

A throwback profile – with curves for the purist and performance for the pragmatist. Mizuno's 3rd generation MAS1C face is Mizuno's most powerful to date. A balanced package of low spin performance and stability – not common in most fairway woods. With adjustable hosel in both 3 and 5 wood.
  • MAS1C Maraging face

    With optimized CORTECH multi-face thickness. Our thinnest and hottest FW face to date.
  • Ultra-lightweight Carbon Crown

    Lowers the COG for better spin vs MOI performance.
  • Re-engineered WAVE Technology

    Compact Wave design lowers the mass contribution allowing for higher MOI and lower Center of Gravity.
  • Quick Switch 3 & 5 WOOD

    Provides 4 degrees of loft and face angle adjustability.


4 degrees of loft adjustability to fine-tune look and trajectory.

The fairway wood might be the least regularly changed club in any bag – so we spent a lot of time looking at older models that our tour players had hung onto over the years. It ended with a lot of really subtle touches on the ST-Z – leading edge, transition into the hosel. There’s a lot to like at this address.

Chris Voshall

Specs and Options

ST-Z FWOODS Specification

Model Loft Range° Lie Range CC Length (inch)
ST-Z 3W 15.0 (13.0-17.0) 55.5-58.5 183 43
ST-Z 5W 18.0 (16.0-20.0) 56.0-59.0 170 42.5

ST-Z 5W RH Only

Loft/Lie Adjustments
Introducing Cortech Chamber

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