Mizuno Pro irons announced for February 2022

The much anticipated Mizuno Pro line of irons will be available in western markets from February 2022.

Mizuno Pro has always been Mizuno’s most forward-thinking series – cutting edge engineering concealed within precise playing profiles preferred by the game’s elite players. The Mizuno Pro 221, 223, 225 and Fli-Hi continue that pursuit – elite player’s irons destined to make their mark in history.

The Mizuno Pro 221 is a more compact Grain Flow Forged muscleback – with additional mass behind impact and refined scoring irons.  The Mizuno 225 is a refinement on the Mizuno HMB – more compact through the set, yet faster still from the clubface.  The Mizuno 223 will be the biggest surprise – built for speed, but sized for the tour.

The concept of Mizuno Pro is often misunderstood – we’re not trying to design instant classics or works of art. Mizuno just hides technology incredibly well.  This could be perceived as the ultimate betrayal of Mizuno Pro.  But the true essence has always been to make history – not be stuck in it.

Chris Voshall, Product Manager – Mizuno Golf.

Mizuno Pro 221 – a compact blade with smaller scoring irons.

Mizuno Pro 223 will be the biggest surprise in the line. Built for speed,but smaller than the MP-20 MMC.

The Mizuno Pro 225 is a refinement on the HMB.

The Mizuno Pro – a powerful long iron replacement taking a hybrid shaft..