Mitchell comes up just short at Quail Hollow

2nd PGA Tour win out of reach at Wells Fargo Championship

Mizuno’s Keith Mitchell came up painfully short at Quail Hollow – chasing his 2nd PGA Tour win.  Leading overnight, Mitchell finished T3rd at 8 under par – after a 1 over par last round.  Mitchell continued to impress from the tee with his Mizuno ST-Z driver – comfortably matching  eventual winner Rory Mcllroy for distance.  Though some untidy chipping into Quail Hollow’s treacherous greens proved Mitchell’s downfall.

Mitchell was impressive with his length of the tee all week – playing his Mizuno ST-Z driver. Pic – Getty Images

The current distance debate on tour has been a very divisive issue for the past few months. As one of the longer hitters on the PGA Tour, Mitchell has very recently made the decision to slightly dial back on his club head speed, in an effort to help with his career’s longevity.

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Keith Mitchell plays an iron shot with his Mizuno MP-20 musclebacks. Pic Getty Images