Mizuno at The Open / Royal St Georges

Rain, sunshine and a first look at the Mizuno ST-G driver

Monday at Royal St Georges encompassed everything expected of an Open Championship. Win, rain, sunshine and a first look at Mizuno’s new adjustable driver, the ST-G.  Available from October 2021.

A first look at Mizuno’s ST-G driver – available from October 2021.

Early workshop build of the ST-G.

Manual loft check of the ST-G.

The ST-G joins the ST-Z and ST-X.

Views of St Georges from the Mizuno workshop.

Views of Royal St Georges.

Monday was wet and windy at Royal St Georges.

Mizuno ST-G is expected to be a favourite among Mizuno’s Tour staff.,

Mizuno ST-G at addtess.

Loft checking Mizuno ST-G

The ST-G has more weight placement options.