Mizuno response to LPGA Story

Social Media escalation of inaccurate report

Correction to LPGA story recently escalated on social media. 

The report that Mizuno requested payment from an LPGA player to provide a set of irons in the build up to the ANA Inspiration tournament is inaccurate. Mizuno’s tour team made a judgement that the request was made too close to the start of the tournament. The player then purchased irons locally.  Mizuno did not request or receive payment from the player to provide product.

Mizuno proudly supports many players around the world, both male and female – paid and unpaid. Last weekend on the Ladies European Tour, the winner used Mizuno irons, having been supported unofficially for several years.   There are also instances of both male and female players purchasing Mizuno equipment at golf shops (without our knowledge) for use at tour events.

A list of some of Mizuno’s contracted players including Erika Hara, Sei Young Kim and Olivia Cowan is available at https://mizunogolf.com/uk/pro-tour/. We hope that people notice that our player list is split neither by gender or tour.

Mizuno apologizes for the time taken to respond – which allowed the story to escalate. However, we needed to thoroughly check all the facts first,  We would appreciate that anyone who made a judgement based on an innacurate report – reassess with all the facts.

With the benefit of hindsight – we wish we had acted more quickly on this occassion. If the player in question would ever like to visit the Mizuno tour van in person for help with equipment, she would be very welcome.

Jeremy Galbreth / Mizuno