Mizuno ST190G – Guide to weight settings

Neutral, Fade and draw settings for Mizuno ST190G

Below our are simplest weight settings for the new ST190G Driver.   There are other combinations to test with your fitter – but these would make a great starting point.

NEUTRAL / STRAIGHT:  Weights forward to reduce spin – especially for downward angles of attack and higher swing speeds.  Or slide the weights back to increase spin for upwards angles of attack and moderate swing speeds.  We generally expect to see a difference of around 200rpm between the highest and lowest spin setting.

Please use the tool provided and be careful not to overtighten the screw.

FADE BIAS:  To encourage a fade bias ball flight, or counter a draw / tendency – move both weights into the toe slot.  Again these can be pushed close to the face for lower spin, or back for more spin.

DRAW BIAS:  A draw bias can be built by moving both weights to the heel side.  Push close to the face for lower spin, or back for more spin.

Using the same key, you can also adjust the neck of the ST190G – giving a range of lofts from 7.25 upto 11.75 degrees. As you deloft, the face will open fractionally.

QuickSwitch loft settings for ST190G

Check out more tips for fitting the ST190 G with Derek Murray at Foregolf.