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Mizuno Pro Series


Mizuno Pro has always been Mizuno's most forward-thinking series – cutting edge engineering concealed within precise playing profiles preferred by the game's elite players...

A timeline of innovations - ultimately proven by their final chapter.

The Mizuno Pro 221, 223, 225 and Fli-Hi continue that pursuit – elite player’s irons destined to make their own mark in history. Striding on from the recent feel orientated introductions of Grain Flow Forging HD and soft copper underlay - with a bit of rocket fuel added.

“The concept of Mizuno Pro can be misunderstood – we're not trying to design instant classics or works of art. Mizuno just hides technology incredibly well.”

“This could be perceived as the ultimate betrayal of Mizuno Pro. But the true essence has always been to make history – not be stuck in it.”

Chris Voshall, Product Manager

“From an engineering perspective – the Mizuno Pro 223 is probably the biggest step forward of all three new irons.”

“The 221 and 225 are refined versions of their predecessors (MP-20 & MP-20 HMB) – but the 223 is a completely new concept. An incredibly compact players profile - smaller in every way than the iron it replaces. With Chromoly Forged and a hidden micro-slot from 4-7 iron.”

David Llewellyn, Director of R&D

Mizuno Pro Series

By July 2021

Just 24 players have reached #1 in the Official World Golf Rankings. Through their careers, 13 of those 24 have played Mizuno irons.
Mizuno Pro 221

Inspired by the iconic blades of Mizuno past – evolved to be more playable through incremental refinements in shape and weight placement.

Mizuno Pro 221

The Ultimate Muscleback

  • - Grain Flow Forged HD
  • - Copper Underlay
  • - Short CG / Shaft Axis
  • - Optimised Graduated Tapered Blade
  • - Tour Proven Sole
Mizuno Pro 223

Everything tour players need to compete on extended, more demanding layouts - but never thought to ask for.

Mizuno Pro 223

Elite Players Cavity

  • - Forged chromoly with microslot (4-7 iron)
  • - Copper Underlay
  • - Grain flow forged hd 1025e (8-pw)
  • - Compact scoring irons
  • - Precisely bevelled back edge
Mizuno Pro 225

The 2ND GEN of Mizuno's staggering Hot Metal Blade – and the most playable of the Mizuno Pro series.

Mizuno Pro 225

Hot Metal Blade Design

  • - Grain flow forged 4135 chromoly face & neck (2-8 iron)
  • - Copper Underlay
  • - Internal tungsten weighting (2-7 iron)
  • - Grain flow forged hd 1025e (9-gw)
  • - Blade profile
The new Shaft Optimizer 3d

With Built in Gyro for Digital Lie Angle Adjustment. The most accurate fitting ever.

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