Mitchell ranked joint #1 for Total Driving at US Open

Mizuno ST-Z 230 and Mitchell continue to impress from the tee.

Mizuno’s Keith Mitchell continued his highly impressive performance from the tee at the 2023 US Open.  Mitchell and his ST-Z 230 ranked 8th for accuracy and 14th for distance across the week – for a combined score of 22.  Matched by just one other player / driver combination in the field at The Los Angeles Country Club.

Mitchell shot a steady 68, 71, 71, 71 to finish amongst the leading players.  Mizuno’s Chris Voshall believes that Mitchells’ consistency from the tee has been a key factor in encouraging Mizuno’s younger generation of professionals to play its drivers.

Keith has had an outstanding season with the driver in particular.  Obviously Keith’s talent is the major factor, but his numbers wouldn’t be possible with a driver that didn’t tick every box for performance.  We have a really strong group of younger players coming up behind Keith all playing Mizuno drivers.  He’s been a big influence in that movement.



Mitchell and the ST-Z 230 driver have been an outstanding combination through 2023.