Hannah Gregg meets golf’s most private superstar.

They say you should never meet your idols – but Stacy Lewis is not your standard golfing superstar. Stacy Lewis is a former world #1, two-time major winner and 2023 Solheim Cup Captain, yet retains privacy and a low profile. Stacy let us into her world for a day via Hannah Gregg, an upcoming Epson Tour player and huge Stacy Lewis fangirl. The result is an unguarded, intimate insight into one of professional golf’s greatest competitors.  Toughened by overcoming scoliosis as a young player.


It’s more logistics than the golf itself.  Once the players are out on the golf course, there’s not a thing you can do.  If we can create a great environment where the girls are relaxed, having fun and stress-free as possible, then the golf tales care of itself.  I want these girls to care about each other.  Care about that other person more than they care about themselves.  To want that other person on your team to be the one who makes the winning putt.  Be there to celebrate with them.  Be there to pick them up when they don’t win their match.

I’ve got an actual stats team on board to help us – we went outside of the budget.  The Ryder Cup teams have used it in the last 3 Ryder Cups they’ve played.  It will give us projections of who is going to make the team to who will play well together.  You don’t want people who birdie that seam hole to play together in best ball.


Why am i better at a British Open, why am i better at a Major?  I’m the kid that got kicked in the face, i learned to get back up and keep going.

Lewis will take her competitive instincts into the 2023 Solheim Cup captaincy. Pic by Getty Images.

I won 12 times in college – everything you do like that prepares you for the next level.  I tell a lot of girls coming out of school – that have won maybe one college event and a bunch of top 10s, why are you leaving early?  Go win, go dominate.  Learn how to win with your best golf and your worst golf, and anywhere in between.  It’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

See it as a great long process vs everybody wanting to be great right now.  It takes time to get to that level.

If you get frustrated, you get mad – that means it means something to you.  I tell my husband all the time – it’s ok, it matters.  You just learn to reel it in so it doesn’t affect the next shot.  Think of all the great players – Tiger Nicklaus, Lorena – they got mad.  That’s what made them great.

Stacy Lewis winning the British Open at St Andrews. Pic by Getty Images