FIRST IMPRESSION: 2023 RB Tour x golf ball

Golf Monthly pinpoints separation in wedge and driver performance

Golf Monthly’s Neil Tappin took the new 2023 RB Tour x golf ball out at The London Club – to see if 3 years intense R&D and testing really delivered a better version of Mizuno’s Tour Performance ball.  The wind tunnel tested 2023 design is based on a reduced number (272) of larger, more efficient AXIALFLOW dimples that aim to produce a higher, more efficient driver flight, yet more penetrating wedges.

The results were as promised – with improved durability an added positive.

The new RB Tour and Tour X are centred around fewer (272), yet more efficient dimples

The final part of my launch monitor testing involved hitting a series of 50-yard pitch shots. I was pleased to see the old version of the ball performing as it had in my previous test, offering plenty of control from this range. However, the new ball delivered 670 extra rpm of backspin. Given the relatively low spin it offered off the tee, this separation in performance is often what marks out the best golf balls.

Tappin then tested the balls for durability – an aspect that was the main source of criticism for the previous generation of RB Tour balls.  With 20 wedge shots, 20 7-irons and 20 driver shots into a practice net – an extreme test.

The cover itself remained fairly well intact. The work Mizuno’s R&D has done on the durability seems to have made a big difference.

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Independently, YouTube’s Jay Smith also conducted his own very thorough test, showing durability massively improved and spin rates comparable with leading balls on the market.

No longer any concerns over durability