The Open: Day 1 at St Andrews

Limited edition Mizuno Pro 221 irons unveiled

On day 1 of the 150th Open Championship, Mizuno unveiled a limited edition Mizuno Pro 221 muscleback, in a stunning blue IP finish.  The irons, of which 1,221 sets will be available from Autumn 2022 boast a smoky blue plating, an exclusive staff banded ‘icon’ ferrule, MCC Teams Blue / White grips and a custom labelled DG Tour Issue S400 shaft.

The new Blue IP limited edition caused a stir at St Andrews

As per Mizuno’s prior Blue IP wedges, the plating will be softer than standard chrome and combined with copper underlay for a sensational feel.  Owners may prefer to maintain the irons pristine condition within a unique white Mizuno Pro case – which adds to their collectability.
The Limited Edition Blue IP Mizuno Pro 221 (3-pw) will retail at $2210.

Outside the Mizuno workshop at The Open.

Turning heads on the range at St Andrews

1,221 sets will be available worldwide.

Amongst a number of equipment users, Mizuno also have three contracted players in attendance – Marco Penge (UK), Laurie Canter (UK) and Keith Mitchell (USA). Mitchell was straight to the workshop to request a more penetrating driver to work against the links breeze. With a little work on the range, Mitchell’s driver was reduced from 2,800 rpm to 2,200.

Laurie Canter on the St Andrews range.

Keith Mitchell needed work on his driver to reduce his spin for Scotland.

Mitchell warming up under the watchful eye of Mizuno’s Matt McIsaac.