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Custom Specs

Lengths / Swingweights

For most iron models, Mizuno offer lighter weight heads which can be used to keep the swingweight to a standard balance for club lengths up to +1/2″ longer. Anything longer than that and the swingweight will increase above the recommended balance. (As a rough calculation, every extra 1/2″ in length will increase the swingweight by 3 balance points).

Irons can be built from 1″ shorter than standard up to a maximum of 1.5″ longer than standard.

Woods can be built +/- 1″ from standard length but the swingweight will increase by 3 points for every +1/2″ and reduce by 3 points for every -1/2″.

Loft and Lie adjustment

Mizuno irons can be adjusted to varying degrees depending on model and material type. In some cases “craftsman’s” marks on the hosels may result from bending them to the required loft / lie.

Any adjustment to loft will alter the bounce angle on the sole. Making the loft stronger will increase the offset and reduce the bounce angle.

Iron lofts can be bent up to 2 degrees stronger than standard (note: making the loft stronger will increase the offset and reduce the bounce angle of the sole).

No loft or lie adjustments can be made to drivers or fairway woods.

No loft angle adjustment is possible for JPX Fli-Hi and Hybrid models.

Grips / Grip thickness

Mizuno fit .580 core grips as standard to all men’s steel shafts with the exception of Dynamic Gold R300 (as they have a smaller butt size a .560 is used).

Grips can be thickened with up to 5 layers of tape (Tour Velvet Midsize is equivalent to about 5 tapes).