Letter from Rob Jackson, Head of Golf

Since we posted the last update in February, the overall speeds of custom fit builds in Europe have yet to change significantly. However, behind the scenes, the situation is evolving. 

The predominant cause of lengthened custom timelines is now the sheer number of sets awaiting production due to prior component shortages. Our custom factory in Cumbernauld, Scotland, is working extended hours, including weekends, to work through that backlog steadily.

So while we now have some reason for optimism, our advice remains unchanged. Your expectation of new orders should still be to receive a delivery within 90 days of ordering.  

I have attached the speeds at which Mizuno custom sets have been processed and dispatched over the last year.  This still remains the best reflection of what to expect in the foreseeable future.

Mizuno Custom Build Performance – from order to dispatch (2021/22).

  • Dispatched within 60 days = 65% of orders
  • Dispatched within 90 days = 90% of orders
  • Dispatched within 120 days = 98% of orders

We are still sending a weekly update of out-of-stock components to our fitters and retailers. Please ask them to refer to that list to avoid longer delays, 

Again – we thank everyone for their patience and understanding through a very complex series of challenges for the industry.  We will issue another update if and when the situation changes.

Yours sincerely, 

Rob Jackson / Head of Golf.