Mizuno at Royal St Georges / The Open Day 2

Mizuno’s Keith Mitchell hits the fairways

Second day at Royal St Georges – and a slight upturn in the weather. Blue skies seen in patches for the first time. The forecast from Thursday suggests that the course could be playing quicker and more links like by the day.

Tuesday saw some visitors to the workshop – for final tweaks. Keith Mitchell is Mizuno’s one sponsored player at Royal St Georges. Unlike most of the other workshops – Mizuno has more free agents than paid players to service this week. Mitchell keeps faith with his trusted MP-20 musclebacks and ST-Z driver – though we are working on a different 3 iron that could make it in. Keith is currently out on the course assessing his options. There was a familiar set of well loved MP-5s to re-grip. The owner has to be a possible winner at a course that typically rewards experience.

Finally a brand new model of irons for another home favourite. A few spy shots are already circulating – but we’ll be keeping them under wraps for a little longer yet.

America’s Keith Mitchell officially represents Mizuno this week.

Mizuno’s Matt McIsaac working with Mitchell on the range.

Mitchell’s caddy ‘Crunchy Pete’ swaps a few words with Matt McIsaac before heading to the course.

Mitchell hit the course

A well loved set of irons came in for a re-grip.