Mizuno YORO Custom Service now available in Europe

Available exclusively at Mizuno’s Workshop Events

Starting from the end of May 2024, Mizuno is set to re-introduce its prestigious YORO custom options to the EMEA region. This exclusive service is Mizuno’s most prestigious custom offering, showcasing the brand’s heritage of master craftsmanship and artistry in club-making. This elite service will be available solely at Workshop events, where attendees can consult with and observe a Mizuno Master Craftsman from the iconic Yoro Custom Grind team.

Finish Options

Customers can choose from eight distinct finishes, each applied after the custom grind in YORO Japan:

  1. Nickel Chrome MIRROR – Durable plating for a compact appearance.
  2. Nickel Chrome SATIN – Durable plating with reduced glare and scratch-hiding properties.
  3. Double Nickel Plated MIRROR – Incredibly soft feel with a plated finish.
  4. Double Nickel Plated SATIN – Soft feel and scratch-hiding properties.
  5. Raw MIRROR – Exposed grooves for more spin; will rust and age over time.
  6. Raw SATIN – Exposed grooves for more spin; will rust and age quickly.
  7. Black Ox MIRROR – Non-plated finish exposing grooves for additional spin; will rust and age over time.
  8. Black Ox SATIN – Non-plated finish exposing grooves for additional spin; will rust and age over time.

An Exclusive Experience

Given the exclusivity of the YORO service, it will be offered on a maximum of 20 days over a 12-month period. This limited availability ensures a highly personalized experience, with an expected output of around a dozen sets each year.

Model Selection

The YORO custom options will be available for the following Mizuno models:

  • Mizuno Pro 241 irons
  • Mizuno Pro 243 irons
  • JPX923 Tour irons
  • T24 wedges
  • Tomoo Ito wedges (exclusive to YORO)

Grind Option Consultation

One of the unique aspects of the YORO service is the hands-on consultation with a YORO Master Craftsman. During these sessions, the Craftsman will demonstrate various custom grind options, including toe shape, sole relief, top line, and hosel transition, allowing for a bespoke club-making experience.

Custom Paintfill and Assembly

In addition to custom grinds and finishes, 13 paintfill options are available for logos, sole numbers, and product models. All heads will be finished in YORO, Japan, before being assembled at Mizuno’s custom line in Cumbernauld, Scotland. Players can choose from all standard custom shaft and grip options.

Embrace Mizuno’s Heritage

The re-introduction of the YORO options to the EMEA region is more than just a custom club service; it is a celebration of Mizuno’s dedication to craftsmanship and the artistry of clubmaking. This exclusive experience not only produces unique, high-quality golf clubs but also reinforces the rich heritage and prestige of the Mizuno brand.  The YORO custom options offer a rare opportunity to own a piece of Mizuno’s storied legacy, crafted to your exact specifications by master artisans.


Mizuno’s standard 2-year club warranty is extended to 5 years.  Excluding RAW finish which is designed to rust.


  • Mizuno Pro 241 – £800 per head
  • Mizuno Pro 243 – £860 per head
  • JPX923 Tour – £740
  • T24 – £740
  • Ito Wedge – £1,480


Orders are expected to be available for dispatch from Cumbernauld, Scotland between 90-120 days from order.


To attend a Mizuno workshop event, please get in touch with the host venue in advance.