European Custom Fit Timelines – 2022 UPDATE

First sets of Mizuno Pro now shipping


As we are now shipping the first sets of Mizuno Pro irons, I wanted to update the latest expectations for custom build lead times.   As most people are now aware, the supply of shafts and grips was a challenge through 2021. The latest information from our suppliers suggests that this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Some wait times have lengthened a little since our last update in October, due to a shortage of specific shafts.  The below shows the reality of how long players have waited in 2021 for a Mizuno custom-built set – from order to dispatch.  We believe this framework continues to provide the most realistic expectation of how long you should expect to wait for your custom builds in 2022. 

2021 Mizuno Custom Build Performance – from order to dispatch (2021 data).

  • Dispatched within 30 days = 21%
  • Dispatched within 60 days = 70%
  • Dispatched within 90 days = 92%
  • Dispatched within 120 days = 98%

We are taking new measures to eliminate the longest waits highlighted – our retailers/fitters now receive a weekly update of scheduled component deliveries into Mizuno. The component update provides a good guide of iron models, shafts and grips that are likely to result in shorter and longer waits. From our experience in 2021, these scheduled deliveries are best served as a guide as the situation is still very dynamic. 

Heading into the season, we do have a  specific issue with the supply of KBS C-Taper, C-Taper Lite, KBS S-Taper and KBS S-Taper Lite shafts. We are currently out of stock with no available information on when the next shipment of these shafts will arrive. You may prefer not to place further orders for builds with these shafts and/or amend any outstanding orders on our system.  Mizuno will be contacting its fitting/retail network to see if we can switch shafts on any outstanding orders.

If you would still like to order a custom build with KBS C-Taper and S-Taper, the shafts will remain in our fitting program and stay in the Mizuno Swing DNA fitting software. Please be aware that we are unable to give an estimated delivery date. It is almost certain that we will not deliver these builds within a 90-day window.

We thank everyone who has already patiently waited for their custom build. We hope that the good memories since delivery are replacing any residual frustration.

Yours sincerely, 

Rob Jackson / Head of Golf.

NOTE:  The next full update will be published in June.  However, more recent builds are currently taking around 90 days from order to dispatch – when parts are available.