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ST200X  Fairway

ST200X Fairway

Tour Ready. World Ready.

A larger footprint fairway wood with an extremely lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw bias – designed to work best with Mizuno’s own Japan specification MFUSION 39g shaft. The ST200X head has its own unique shape, with larger clubface and wider body with more heel mass – all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight.
The generous 3 wood boasts a full Ti driver type construction with a high ball speed Beta Rich Ti face. Whilst the 5 and 7 wood both use a steel chassis with multi-thickness Maraging face.

  • Full Titanium 3 wood

    Multi thickness, Forged SAT Beta 20141 Ti is incredibly responsive across the clubface and maintains performance for longer (compared to traditional 6-4 Ti).
  • MAS1C Maraging Face 5 and 7 wood

    Allows a multi-thickness design, greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds from across the clubface.
  • For mid to low swing speeds

    Designed to work in tandem with Mizuno's own MFUSION 39gram graphite shaft – to increase clubhead speed and launch angle.
  • Wet weather score lines

    Full scorelines to maintain adequate spin and ball flight in moist or wet conditions.
  • Improved Stability without adding spin

    Weight saved from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown has been relocated low and deep.

It’s really interesting to max out a larger 3 wood with a full Titanium chassis and Beta Ti Forged Face. Alongside the Japanese spec MFUSION shaft, this is a great high launch, draw-biased option for players with more moderate swing speeds.

Specs and Options

ST200X Fairway Wood Specification

Model Loft Range° Lie Range cc Length (inch)
ST200X 3W 15 59.5 193 43.25
ST200X 5W 18.5 60 178 42.75
ST200X 7W 21.5 60.5 162 42.25

ST200X 3W RH Only
ST200X 5W RH Only
ST200X 7W RH Only

Loft/Lie Adjustments

Test the ST-Z and ST-X alongside your current driver at your local Mizuno Swing DNA Fitter.

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