Mizuno ST200G tested by TXG Official

The team put the ST200G through its paces – in search of an anti-hook driver

The fitters at TXG Official in Toronto put the ST200G through its paces – to see if one of it’s adjustable options could deliver their desired anti-left flight.

With right handed Ian at the helm – in fear of the miss left, the weights were shifted toe side and the face opened up.

Probably the most fade biased driver we’ve ever seen……open, toe weights, the flat lie.  Throw a really stiff shaft in there and a big grip and you literally couldn’t hit a hook if you tried.  I hope Mizuno are proud of what they’ve made…numbers wise that compares to anything.

Numbers compared from the ST200G standard set up and then weights and clubface moved into a fade setting.


Alongside tests for the more mainstream ST200 and draw biased ST200X, Mizuno apperas to have every possible angle covered with the new series.