The Mizuno Quarantine Diaries

#teammizuno band together for quarantine

If we can give you just a little distraction through this difficult period – we’d like to try.  So we’ve asked our #teammizuno players to help out.

On Friday we held our first live Q&A with product specialist Chris Voshall.  Check out the questions people threw his way. #AskVosh

It got a little techie at times.

Next Luke Donald stepped into the fray with the first of a series of instruction videos.  We particularly like this one.

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Here is a very simple way to check your path in pitching when you are stuck inside. A few ?’s 1) Arms swing back with very little body rotation – make sure the head of the club is slightly outside your hands (too inside and you hit the wall) – keep loft on club – toe of the club more up towards the sky 2) Because you are hitting down on the ball, the path of the club exits slightly to the left on the way down. Body and club release together so club effectively finishes parallel to the wall. Having the correct path in pitching will really help you with your contact, using the bounce effectively, creating a better strike which = more spin and control #LDTips #insidepractice #pitching #path #stayhealthy #staysafe

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The last winner of a professional event Scott Gregory also pitched in on Instagram.  A good effort from a very talented young player.

Possibly topping the lot was young Dane Kristoffer Larsen with his very topical trickshot above (look closely).

Friday 27th look out for another live Twitter Q&A with our Director of Custom Fitting and innovator behind Swing DNA Bill Price.  Bill will take over from 1-3pm UK time.

We’ve also got a trickshot challenge heading your way very soon.