Mitchell heads 2023 PGA Tour 'Total Driving' stats with Mizuno ST-Z 230

Mitchell records best PGA driving ranking stats for 20 years

Mizuno’s Keith Mitchell has proven to be statistically the best driver on the PGA Tour – heading its official statistics for Total Driving across the 2023 season (upto and including the Tour Championship)..  Mitchell returned phenomenal statistics across the 47 PGA Tour events – with an average of 312.9 yards from the tee (13th spot) and 39th is accuracy – for a total score of 52.

Mitchell put a new ST-Z 230 driver in play for the 2023 season – before recording the best driving numbers compared to the PGA field for 20 years.  Mitchell’s ranking was last bettered in 2003 with a score of 51.

To put Keith’s 2023 driving statistics into context – the leader over the previous two seasons scored 61 and 80.   He’s just an incredible driver of the golf ball and found how to make the newest technology work for him.  Keith noticed years ago that with modern low spinning drivers he could hit a repeatable fade, without losing almost any distance. He’s created a template that a lot of younger players are now following.  This was Keith’s first season with the ST-Z 230 and its clearly worked out pretty well.  Anyone wondering whether Mizuno drivers stack up against the best in the industry only need to look at Keith’s numbers in 2023.


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Mitchell’s ST-Z 230 head is fitted with Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft and the Golf Pride victory full cord grip.  An increase in ball speed over 2023 is attributed to Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber.

Mitchell rose to top of the 2023 driver rankings after switching to the ST-Z 230.