Golf Ball Fitting Added to Swing DNA Software

Mizuno unleashes 40 hidden data points captured by Shaft Optimizer

The latest update to Mizuno’s Swing DNA Fitting Software has been expanded to encompass recommendations for golf ball model and driver shaft.

Golf Ball and Driver Fitting

The new ball fitting module unlocks previously unused data points collected by Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer to recommend either the the RB Tour, RB Tour X or new RB566 balls.  The capacity for driver shaft fitting will be the first of its kind, utilizing bending profiles to create a swing match, as per Mizuno’s renowned iron fitting.

The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer captures over 40 unique data points from every swing. Until now only 6 have been actively used in iron fittings. Mizuno is only now unlocking its full potential with ball fittings.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer / Unlocking 40 data points

The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer captures over 40 data points from every swing – with so far just 6 used for iron shaft recommendations.  To aid with ball fitting Mizuno has enabled data points taken by the Optimizer, but previously unused.

After recording tens of thousands of swings, we’re only now unlocking the full potential of the Shaft Optimizer. By utilizing data around Shaft Lean and Attack Angle, the Swing DNA software can now recommend a suitable golf ball. The three balls recommended will be the RB Tour, RB Tour X and our New RB 566V.  Based on all of our testing, the RB Tour X became our baseline ball – with the RB Tour recommended when we need to reduce spin and the new RB566V when we need to elevate launch angle.

Bill Price / Director Of Fitting, Mizuno USA

Background of the Shaft Optimizer

Since its introduction in 2010, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer has become the favoured iron shaft fitting tool of golf professionals worldwide. Measuring five critical dynamics within the swing (Mizuno Swing DNA), the Optimizer is able to recommend an iron shaft best matched to any golfer’s movement. Mizuno measures every shaft in-house to establish a map of EI curves to which it then matches the swing profiles. The new Bluetooth Optimizer enables Mizuno’s club fitters to capture swing data directly to the software, run from an iPad or iPhone.

Updates to Mizuno’s Swing DNA Software now allow ball and driver fitting.

Shaft Optimizer or Launch Monitor?

Mizuno believes that the Optimizer works best in tandem with a launch monitor rather than as an alternative.

Look at the Optimizer as a recommendation – shortcut to taking 50 possible shaft options down to just three. The launch monitor can then measure the real world results of those three shafts. Without the Shaft Optimizer, the fitter is just guessing which shafts to test, so if the correct one is lined up 12th, you won’t have the energy left to find out.

Bill Price / Director of Fitting, Mizuno USA.

Ball Fitting Available from February 2020

Mizuno’s new Shaft Optimizer with Bluetooth and digital lie angle is available to test at Mizuno Swing DNA Centres. The latest technology will allow for both ball and driver fitting and will be available from February 2020.  The new RB566 balls will be available from March 2020.

The RB566 is a new ball for 2020 – with a lower compression producing the higher launch angle needed by many mid / low swing speed players.