Mizuno unveils Black ION Mizuno Pro 225 Irons

Special Edition Irons Begin to Ship from April 2023

Mizuno has announced that its Black ION Mizuno Pro 225 irons, showcased in January at the Orlando golf show, will start to become available globally from April 2023.


A Black ION plating with a striking, lights-out look now matches the special edition Mizuno Pro 225 irons with its hybrid cousin – the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi. The special edition irons will initially be available as standard sets in either 4-GW, 4-PW and 5-GW, with Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx S300 shafts (US) and 4-PW with KBS S-Taper Lite black (EMEA).  Australia will offer the special edition in 4-PW with custom options.


The Special Edition Black ION Mizuno Pro 225 Irons will be available from 13th April in the USA and Australia and in the EMEA region from 17th July.


“The Mizuno Pro 225 has been our most popular model within its series, and already blends so well with the Fli-Hi. We found with the Fli-Hi that the Black ION plating does an incredible job of making the iron look more compact, and it has the same impact with the 225s.”